Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 25 good to WOW SOOC Sunrise

It is official.  I will never be a real photographer.  There is no way I am getting up that early just to get the shot.  I'm not even sure where one would go to see the sunrise.  So I am "cheating" a little bit.

First, I tried taking some sunsets in our yard which resulted in some lovely sunflares--I thought.  I was counting that good until I saw Jill's sunflares yesterday.  Sigh, I have a long way to go.  But here is my first "sunrise."
1/200    f/22.0     200mm     ISO 100
Then I thought, okay, I'll have my son paint me a sunrise (we had the paints out anyway for Scavenger Hunt Sunday) and he painted me a picture.
1/200   f/2.0    50mm    ISO 400
But he told me it is a sunset because he doesn't know what a sunrise looks like.  I actually blurred the photo on purpose because I have a lens that will let me and I thought it would make it blend better, but now I don't really like it.

So I told my husband we needed to go spend the night at the beach which didn't work because of all of our Sunday plans.  When I told him I needed to get up this morning for the sunrise he said we should go to the eastern part of the state in the desert, also not a real option.  I said, that is why I wanted to go to the beach.  He said, you cannot see the sunrise at our ocean, that would be the sunset.  I claimed no one would know the difference except everyone else who knew East from West would know the difference.  Still hoping to go to the ocean for a weekend this summer.

I also did not set the alarm for 4:00a.m.  But I have one more photo with the colors of the sunrise...
1/4000     f/2.2   50mm    ISO 100
Oh wait, is it only sunsets that are orange and yellow?  I don't know.  In retrospect, I'm not sure I've ever seen a sunrise--oh, I have vague memories of Lake Erie in college, but maybe that was sunset, too.  I am not an early riser.

Well, here is hoping that lots of people are participating, with sunrises, in this week's shoot and edit because I clearly need some education.  I really cannot wait to see everyone's beautiful photos.



Ashley Sisk said...

I think all of these shots work! Better than worked...they're great! At least you tried. :)

Anonymous said...


Jill Samter Photography said...

I think you did a great job and I'm touched you like mine! :-D

I have been practicing all of this for the last two years and it took that amount of time to get a bunch of this stuff RIGHT SOOC. SO keep practicing - you will get it too! :-D

Hugs and blessings!

PS I love that your son painted a picture for you. :-D SO sweet! I'm praying for you both to see a sunrise - they are one of the most glorious paintings you will ever see!

Susan said...

Too funny!!! It's hard to see a sunrise when you're not an early riser. I love it that you found such wonderful representations anyway!

MarieElizabeth said...

I support your "not an early riser" status! The one positive part of winter is that sunrise is much later and I can get some really good ones without getting up any earlier for work. Is that cheating?

Selena said...

Haha, That is pretty funny! I'm not one to get up so early either, plus I'm not waking the kid up to drag her out to get any photos since the hubs is gone by sunrise to work. I think they are great photos none the less, look a lot like mine :)

Michelle said...

:) Oh, sunrises -- they are so beautiful and refreshing -- sometimes they look like orange/red and other times they're blue and pink. Definitely God's good morning paintings! :)

Nice try on these! Practice makes perfect -- keep trying on the flares. I can see some colors in the points - and that's cool!

The Shades of Pink said...

I love your sunrise! All three of them actually. I have those same daylilies in my yard.

Courtney said...

Yes, I have a lot to learn from Jill myself. I haven't perfected the sun flare. But it sure is fun trying. I think these are great. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the flower and how your son painted a photo for you!

I think you need to wait for winter for a sunrise so that you don't have to wake up at 4 am. ;)

Leovi said...

Beautiful photo of the orange flower, I love your bright and beautiful colors. wonderful frame. regards

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful photos! Your comments cracked me up. :D I kept failing at getting up early for this prompt too. The airport is nearby and I had visions of heading over there to the observation deck in hopes of a cool shot, but then 1. too lazy to get up & go and 2. realized that the better view is to the west so I probably wouldn't get much of a sunrise shot like I visioned. Ahh ... thus the quick, last minute, run outside hair still wet from the shower, photo of the clouds in the sky this morning. As close to sunrise as I'm getting right now. ;) LOL Ok, sorry for the long comment! Enjoyed your post. :)