Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 25 good to WOW Edit Sunrise

I didn't work on this yesterday because I took over 500 pictures and some of them were much more interesting to me than my sunrises.  Then blogger wasn't working on Firefox so I watched old episodes of Psych and read forums.  But I don't like to have things go unfinished, so this morning after Huckleberry made everyone breakfast and on Sunflower's 3rd outfit (she really likes changing her clothes), I was able to sit down and work on my photos.

I ran MCP Mini-Fusion and Pure Light and Airy Actions

Cropped closer.  Painted over his rays to help them stand out a little more--low opacity, soft red brush, ran an artistic filter of Rough Pastels and Added Kim Klassen's Golden Soft Light (yes, I got the idea from Halie today).
Cropped Closer and Ran MCP Mini-Fusion
On this last picture I did look at my photo info in PSE (which I have never done before).  There were actually a few tiny spots were the red channel was already blown.  I think it might explain why the little parts that stick up called stamen? maybe? look a little off even though I know that is the focal point I chose.  Maybe not.  This red channel stuff is all new territory to me.  The action didn't add significantly to my blown areas.  However, I did run a PW boost also which blew every channel out so I went back a step and saved.

So those are my edits.  Here is one of the photos I have had more fun playing with--all I had to do was sharpen it; I played with actions and edits, but I just liked the SOOC better.
Not to say it is a perfect photo (clearly I've blown out some channel), but it sure captures her personality!  Now she appears to be on outfit number 4 (Don't worry, the first three were jammies and two used outfits from yesterday--we do establish some limits.)



Ashley Sisk said...

Your edits look wonderful and that last shot was already great. I'm glad you left it alone. Sometimes the SOOC is already perfect!

AlyGatr said...

Wow, you were busy shooting AND editing :) That daylily is gorgeous. I love the sunrise shot too!

The Shades of Pink said...

great edits! Your last shot is adorable!

Courtney said...

Wonderful edits! Don't blame you for leaving the last one. It was great on its own. I'm still swooning over that sun flare.

Selena said...

I love all the edits, love the darkening of the sun shot and the close crop of the flower!

Leovi said...

Beautiful compositions of lights and more lights, I like them all, charming. very good

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos.