Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday -- February 17th

Sunflower came home from preschool Thursday with a lot of candy.  Hopefully it will all be gone by Monday so she can stop asking for another piece.

Pink or Red:
We never ask pink or red when the answer should clearly always be some green and blue.  Yes, the shoes are on the wrong feet.

These two love each other and I love my new 85mm 1.8 lens that helped me capture this moment (even if I did chop a few fingers and toes...)

Tickles and whispers, okay, but an actual kiss?  No way!

When Sunflower smiles the whole world smiles with her.

I hope you had happy hunting!  This week I was able to be a little more intentional and remembered the prompts as we were out and about.  It felt great.  Getting a new lens for Valentine's Day/Christmas money/Make up for birthday made it all the more fun.  I look forward to next week!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday -- February 10th

The Small Things:

The design on the shirt of these dancers at the Asia Pacific New Year Celebration illustrates the flag of Taiwan -- the featured country this year.

I thought it was pretty punny.

Work of Art:
My photos aren't, but the many performances we had the privilege of seeing were all Works of Art.

Window Beauty:
If eyes are the windows to the soul, my children all have beautiful souls.

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - February 3rd

The small ball Sweet Pea is holding in her hand is hidden under the water at the Children's Museum.  If she let go the ball would float down from tray to tray, but she didn't like loosing track of it that way so she would dip it into each of the 5 pools on her own and then get another ball to try the same thing with again.

 There is nothing plain in the way this girl dresses.  Sunflower loves color; and who wouldn't?

Sweet Pea seems to be primarily right handed, but she does often point with her left arm.

Sweet Pea loved how fast Huckleberry pushed her in her stroller on our walk last week though she did get nervous when she thought he was going to crash her into Sunflower.

I feel so much peace when my children are playing happily together.  Huckleberry will feel more peace when Sweet Pea's baby swing for the swing set arrives next week.  Sweet Pea won't leave anyone in peace unless she is allowed on the swing while we are outside.

Have a most blessed Sunday and happy hunting!