Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 28 good to WOW SOOC Summer

What is summer?  It has been so wet and drizzly, yet we have gone to the zoo, a tractor pull,  and many, many parks; we have swam at the Y and even once in the lake (not I--just the boys).  I take so many pictures that a post about summer could go FOREVER.  As it is, this is not light on photos. Only the last three photos are for Shoot and Edit.  The others are for Monday Rewind over at Chic Homeschool Mama
So what is summer?  It is any day spent with my family.

Summer is picking Huckleberry up from church camp and on the way back stopping at a lake to skip rocks because it is beautiful and we have time...even if it is drizzly out and we only stay 20 minutes as it starts to rain harder.
Panorama in PSE6 and color boost
It is eating at McDonalds and taking pictures of their pretty yellow flowers...twice.  Once right after the rain stopped at lunch and once 4 hours later when we start to head on home and the kids "forget" to use the restroom at Costco (we did not eat there the second time!)
from our second stop
It is visiting My Dad and Grandma because family is important and time can be short.  It is taking pictures of Grandma even if the lighting is bad and the location is awful because pictures are about capturing memories.
It is, when you are almost home from your visits, stopping at a park because the sun is finally shining so Mommy can shoot pictures of motion (which will be coming on Friday) while Daddy goes to buy some dinner.
It is eating Greek food in the park and being thankful for napkins in the glove compartment.
It is Daddy watching the kids so Mommy can run around the park chasing the light with her camera.
Cropped and Straightened a little
Last 3!  The only ones you have to see again on Thursday!

Summer is roses with sunlight shining on them and Mommy NOT stepping in the beds for the best angle.
1/320    f/1.8     50mm    ISO 100
Summer is (in the Pacific North West) taking 35 pictures of a statue from lots of different angles including lying on the ground to have the sun break through the clouds again and bath it in beautiful light so the pictures have to be taken again but some of the best angles are missed.  I'm hoping to combine the two in my final edit.
1/160     f/1.8    50mm    ISO 100
You know the best thing about summer?  It is the sun still shining at 8 p.m. and later.
1/80    f/16     50mm   ISO 200
The kids were in bed before 9 and we made it to church on time, so over all a glorious summer day!

Come back Thursday when I link my edits of the last three photos to Ashley!  I hope you are having a glorious summer, or winter for those in the Southern hemisphere, no matter what the weather!



Jessaca said...

Great set of photos!! Love the first flower shot and the on of grandma. Great shot of the statue!!
Can't wait to see your edits.

Selena @ Stoneyville said...

Great shots, I wish our summers were cooler like you guys in the PNW have it! Can't wait to see your edits!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Those are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Seriously gorgeous!

I must learn how to use the panorama feature on my camera.

The Shades of Pink said...

Wow! that yellow flower is amazing! And I'll have to really play with that photo on my blog, maybe I can find some fairies for it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome photos! Love the first two.

Susan said...

Awesome shots! Love the narrative, as it makes me feel like I'm right there with you.

It's great you are capturing pictures of grandma as well. She looks like a sweetheart.

Courtney said...

Gorgeous photos! Looking forward to your edits!

missing moments said...

Great shots ... love the little kids!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! See you on Thursday for the edits!

Halie said...

You have a lovely set. And yes, they all scream of Summer! I hope you're having a good one.

Ashley Sisk said...

These are really beautiful - definitely say summer!

Anonymous said...

All these shots are so beautiful! I especially love the one of your kids and the yellow flower!

Mama Monkey said...

LOVE summer! Great photo's :) Thanks for your help on the ppi in PSE. My only concern would be when I have to change the resolution and the photo size shrinks below what I want to print. Then I would have to upsample. From what I understand Lightroom doesn't have such complications!!! And I've had lightroom on my wish list for a looong time :)

Kimberly said...

These are all so great! Love the one of your kids on the slide and with their Grandma. Family is truly important.

Keep enjoying your summer!!!