Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 21 good to WOW SOOC Looking Up

I took pictures of the sky all week, and tree tops, and just looking up every time I went outside trying to capture an interesting shot.  Some of the sky shots were very pretty with blue skies and fluffy clouds but nothing screamed "e-mail me to Jill!"  But on Saturday we took the children to the park.  It isn't my favorite park because it is so big, and while that is a concern for safety reasons, I was mainly opposed because it is hard to find the boys and take pictures of them at such a big park.  However, going to the park is about the kids and not me so...

And I am very glad we went.  Since I couldn't always see the boys, I spent a lot of time looking up.  (Oak was following Sunflower around which I also did at times--very difficult since she can get through parts we cannot, but fun.)  Now I cannot decide which to e-mail Jill, and these are just my very favorite from each set.  It was a beautiful and fun day.
1/500      f/5.6      200mm     ISO 100
Some people were flying kites.  I don't think they minded (or noticed) me snapping away.
1/500    f/4      55mm     ISO 100
I did not remember this giant climbing wall from our last visit.  So high and unsafe, but made it easy for me to locate the boys no matter where Sunflower was leading us.
1/640    f/4      55mm      ISO 100
He is climbing across the top of the fake cliff to the side he could climb down.  I imagine the view from up there was gorgeous (it was really high)!
1/500     f/22     55mm    ISO 100
I've been meaning to read about sun flares before I attempted them.  The only thing I remember hearing is f/22 is a good f-stop.  It was so lovely out I couldn't resist just taking a few with that little information.  (My husband is concerned that pointing the camera directly at the sun will burn out the sensors--is this possible?  Luckily it didn't seem to do so Saturday.)

Then Sunday we went to visit my dad (and I took some pictures for the Father's Day prompt) and his Rhodie bush was so tall I had to look straight up to take pictures.
1/60   f/5.6    200mm   ISO 100
It was a little overcast on Sunday.

It may not look like it, but I really did narrow my choices down.  I didn't give you the crow in flight or the pretty, fluffy clouds, or Sunflower peaking from the park equipment, or the other kite, or the airplane leaving a jet trail or one of several others.  Jill is right; looking up allowed for a lot of variety.  Oh, and I didn't know how to represent this in a photograph, but the numbers are "looking up" in regards to our adoption.

Be sure to check out Jill's Blog today for more "Looking Up" themed photos!



Allison Hoffman said...

beautiful sun flare!! And I love the shot of your son on top of the rock..

Sarah said...

Wonderful photos. I love that sunflare.

stephanie said...

That's some awesome sunflare! I also really like the flower shot. :)

Jessaca said...

Great shots!! Love the one of he kids on the large rock!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Always LOVE a kite. And, that sun is amazing!

Ashley Sisk said...

All really great shots - I'm looking forward to your edits.

Jill Samter Photography said...

he he he! i'm so glad I stopped by tonight and was able to open your blog. you are so cute! i love this series of shots. fun day for sure!

wow that sunflare is beautiful in the clouds too!

withoutadornment said...

What is on the bottom of the kite? It looks like some poor doll or something. Funny that I would notice something like that. :P

I love the position of the sun and the clouds - great shot! :)

Michelle said...

Great series! And yes, I often struggle with which ONE sooc I'll pick... Although, I'm thinking I'm liking your kite shot the best -- not that the others of your kiddos aren't cute, but the kite is different -- :) The sun flare, though, rocks! I love sunflares! :) And so far, my sensor hasn't burned out yet! Although I'm sure if you just constantly keep it open and pointing at the sun you could do some damage. So don't do that. :)

Kimberly said...

I love each one! I understand why you had a hard time picking just one photo to post. :) The sun flare is incredible! Thanks for stopping by!