Monday, May 23, 2011

Texture Tuesday

I missed last week's Texture Tuesday.  I had a photo ready, but it just didn't feel "vintage" to me, even though I had used a vintage action on it.  I wanted to make a new one, but ran out of time.  I did look at a lot of the really awesome vintage photos from last week.  So cool!

Someday I'll have an actual vintage photo, but in the meantime, this is last week's unused photo.  I want to share it even though it didn't fit last week's theme or this weeks.
I don't remember the recipe for this, but I know it was fairly simple.  I ran PW Vintage action and added a texture (my mind is drawing a blank as to which one) at probably soft light 100%.

However, I do like to follow rules, so here is my entry for today.

This has one layer of Yesteryear -- Soft Light 100%
Then one layer of Yesteryear -- Overlay 35%
Then on top of that a hue layer with hue -24 and saturation at -64

Then I flattened the image and ran CoffeShops ButterScotch Vintage
Then I added on layer of Yesteryear -- Soft Light 64%
               Under the color fill and contrast boost layers and
               Above the other 3 layers the action added
Flattened and resized and sharpened for the web

Be sure to check out Kim Klassen's Cafe for other Texture Tuesdays.  They are guaranteed to be amazing!


Jenni said...

That is a beautiful rose, it really pops on the image. Thanks for the details of how you achieved the look... this is still a bit of a mystery to me, although I am gradually learning a few things!

A Rosy Note said...

Your photos look so nice! Don't you just love textures? Thanks for your recipe too :)

Dymphie said...

the light on the rose is wonderful, love the processing on both photos

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Wow, what a perfect looking rose. The color is amazing and it has great light and shadow.

Stampmouse said...

oh that rose is so pretty the lightening really shows it off

jo©o said...

Can I have whipped cream with that please :-)

I am lightyears away from this kind of editing.
Very impressive.

AJ said...

Love roses....both edits are just GREAT!

Julie (Wellblessed) said...

Maybe not vintage but the statue still looks pretty cool. The rose is gorgeous! :)

Barbara said...

a beautiful little stonelady and an elegant rose.
Great work!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Great light and detailing on your rose! Love your post processing...added a lot of character and depth to the photo! Xo

Ashley Sisk said...

Very nice texture work!

Linda Makiej said...

Terrific texture work!!

Tessa from Dreaming Hollow Photography said...

I love your idea to add a texture to your statue!

The dark green background of the second image makes the vibrant color of your rose just LEAP right off the page! Also, the solid background really makes your texture stand out...beautiful!

Leovi said...

Very beautiful tones and textures are beautiful.

Miriam said...

I love the rose, it is so very beautiful. I wonder if it was perfumed?