Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 43 good to WOW SOOC Costumes

Well, I won't have any pictures of the kid's costumes until Monday night, but since I've been slowly moving my old pictures out of iPhoto into my Lightroom Catalog it seemed right to share old pictures from Halloween's past.  Now they aren't great photos, but that just makes the edits more fun on Thursday.

First year with a digital camera:
This is the year that Huckleberry was a Knight and SnapDragon a pumpkin.  The digital age missed the year Huckleberry was a trapezoid.
The year Huckleberry was an Astronaut and SnapDragon was a bear.  Thank goodness for older cousins that pass on their costumes--we have had several years of astronauts.
The year Huckleberry was the "Prince of Stars" (started out Prince Caspian and then he changed it to a "made up" prince) and SnapDragon was a pirate...a very nice pirate as he informed every one.

That brings us up to the end of far as I've gotten in moving my pictures.  Sunflower was born in August 2008 is gonna take a bit of time to move.

Be sure to come back Thursday where I'll share my edits and perhaps a few pictures from this year's Halloween.  Huckleberry made Sunflower a really adorable elephant outfit.



No Greater Love said...

Oh, they look so cute. I cannot believe how little SnapDragon looks. And Huckleberry...but I can still see the "Huckleberry" he is today. SnapDragon just looks so young. I wish you could freeze them. At least for a while. They are so precious!

Susan said...

Cute. Can’t wait to see this year’s costumes! Happy Halloween!

Ashley Sisk said...

Very nice costumes - hope you'll throw in one from this year later this week!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I will definitely come back on Thursday- I am eager to see them all from tonight. These are so fun from years past.

Kimberly said...

They are so sweet! Isn't it fun to look back and see how little they once were? Looking forward to seeing this year's outfits!

Michelle said...

awe! So cool that you can see them grow and change in their costume tastes... hehe!

Courtney said...

So very cute! Great costumes!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I can't decide which costume is my favourite.