Friday, October 21, 2011


I found our church parking lot is the most spectacular place for photos!  Even though she wouldn't be reason to assume she would...I got several favorites of Sunflower from the 30 minutes we had to kill before Bible Study that I absolutely love.  I shared one for Wordless Wednesday, but this is my favorite.  I didn't even bother to edit it; I love it so much!

Mommy!  I'm flying!  Like the Geese!

the long road


Ashley Sisk said...

Isn't it funny how the most random places can produce the most beautiful shots.

Kristy Life-n-Reflection said...

so soft and pretty, love the light!

Kathy said...

What a capture...priceless expression on that face!


Brooke said...

This shot is just PERFECT!! Definitely a framer! :D Xoxo Brooke

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful capture and the brilliant bokah to frame her beautiful face!
Just Lovely.

Seeing Each Day said...

Such a capturing the moment photo - just look at her expression and then add to that your ability to take in the light and composition. Lovely.

Sandy said...

She is absolutely adorable! Love the sunlight on her hair.

lisa said...

This is an absolutely precious photograph Cedar!
What a little angel!

Susan said...

What a sweet thought, to be flying like the geese. Don’t blame her at all for wanting to head south to warmer weather.