Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Sunflower Snapshots

I have been following Katie Lloyd's 31 days to releasing your inner artist.  I've spent so much of my life thinking of myself as anything but an artist--the literal one, the one good at math, the is taking me time to accept that in photography I might just be an artist.  It has definitely always been a "creative outlet" and now more so than ever, but art?  That is really hard for my mind to wrap around.  I really dislike reading posts about how you can learn all the technical stuff but an artistic eye cannot be taught.  But there is still a lot of the technical side of photography for me to learn before my photos start being judged solely for lack of art.  Anyway, that is just a thought I'm mulling over.  Am I an artist?  Do I have what it takes?  Does it matter?
In the meantime, I'm reading all I can to learn more and taking a lot of pictures to get better...I certainly haven't maxed out my potential yet.  And Katie challenged us to find inspiration in what we have around the house since we cannot always go out to capture beauty.  I feel like it is almost cheating to participate since over half of my pictures are taken at home...and are of the same subject that is with me everywhere.  But it is true that my daughter inspires be more active, to be more creative, to have more fun, to be a better mother, to be a better example...each and every day.

She also makes me laugh and laugh and laugh so I'm also linking to Simplicity's Photo Challenge: Laugh Out Loud.  (Simplicity is hosting 31 Days of Inspiring Photography for the month of October.)
Here is where she tells me that this rock is her "pecial's precious to me."

This is right after I told her that she could not go into the house and bring her stuffed animal into the wet yard.  "She's my baby!  It's dry!  Daddy said I could!"  Ummmm, still no.  (Yes, this makes me laugh.)

Here is where she decided to change her clean boots for the boots the boys had left out only to discover a spider web in one of them.  "Get it out, Mommy."   No.

"Push me, Mommy!"  No...again.

"I could have climbed up the slide better if you'd helped me put on those other boots."  No, I don't think so...but I will give you a hand.  It seems like these stories are more about me saying no than laughing out loud, but I assure you that her sheer enthusiasm, determination, persistence, and overall energy can usually crack us up.  She is a real joy to be around.

As my 7 year old said yesterday, "Mommy, was I as funny as Sunflower when I was her age?"  Ummmm, sorry, but no.  He came into his funny a few years later.   His idea is that if Sunflower is ever homeless she could make money by going around and making people laugh. 



Katie said...

I personally think everyone has potential to be called an artist...the main challenge is knowing how to get the idea/vision in your mind into a tangible work of art. ;)

And you made me laugh with this post! Both you and your daughter are funny! :)

Becky @ Rub Some Dirt On It said...

Fabulous photos and even better insight into her personality and why you love her so :) Great post!

No Greater Love said...

Whenever you post pictures of Sunflower, I get so excited to have girl. :) You already know, I think she's adorable.

And your comment about how people say the artistic side can't be taught...well, that Bryan Peterson guy wrote a book about that, "Learning to See Creatively." It's on my wishlist...because I am so uncreative...but he says you can really learn to be creative!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

These snapshots are so cute - I love the one of her changing her boots.

Falafel and the Bee said...

FABULOUS photos! She is just lovely.
Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!

Nayana said...

your daughter is so pretty...all shots are lovely... I love the light on her hain the boots shot..

Stasha said...

She is such a character! Love the second photo!

Mallory said...

These photos are so gorgeous and clear. I am going have to check out her site. To answer your question, the pumpkin did not break thankfully. It was a bit bruised up so we shelled out the 2 bucks and bought it.

Faith said...

Oh wow!! These are so beautiful!!! :)

Anonymous said...

such cute pictures!

Ashley Elliott Photography said...

haha, sooo cute, I love all of these pictures and the feeling of your lol shot is sweet, love it. I can tell that you are an artist even if you don't know all the technical stuff yet, never let anyone mold you into what they think an artist is by definition! You are doing great!

Michelle said...

I've only recently been able to call myself "photographer" without feeling goofy about it... "artist" is taking a while, too! Not quite there yet, but I'm working on it!

These are so precious! Love how you captured her doing so many "normal every day" things that will be such treasurers as she gets older!

The boots one is so cute! That last one took my breath away! Love the clear sharp focus on her eyes, the catch lights, the colors, her fun expression!

Have a great weekend!

-visiting from Katie's 31 Days/Shoot what's in front of you linky

Tracy P. said...

I'd definitely say you've got it! Having a cute girl doesn't hurt at all--but you saw the angles and the details you wanted. Good for you!

Faith said...

congrats your photo made Top 5