Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday

I feel like maybe now I know too much and not enough about photography...because I notice all the things wrong with my photos (easier on the deleting goal) and not enough on how to take the picture better in the first place.

People say a good artist is the one who can envision an idea and then capture it.  I should be happy because I am starting to envision what I want...but I feel even further from capturing it than before.
Not to say I could have captured anything like this on purpose even 3 months ago...but that struggle for perfection can overtake me at time.  The "need" for new equipment to "take my photos" to a new level.

But I don't want that.  God gave me this passion for photography in order to glorify Him and for me to start to see the beauty in the World--the beauty He created.
I cannot capture the detail I want...and it can't be the lens because other's can do better with similar equipment.  But the temptation to say...if only I had a macro lens.  If only my children would shift properly for catch lights.  If only I had an external flash.  If only...

Well, God gave me this gift of photography as a good gift, not to be an idol or to sow discontent.  I will continue to learn and strive to do better (kind, constructive criticism might help with this) but I want to retain the joy...
So here is my sweet shot, even if she is looking off the frame and not into the space, her shoulder is cropped off, and her eyes are underexposed with not great catchlights.  It is my beautiful baby girl...not so baby anymore...and she is sweet.  Taking photos of her is sweet.  Having a hobby in photography is sweet.

Oh, and by the way, I made the Top Five over at Simplicity.  Feel free to hop on over and vote for my photo (or one of the others).  I actually voted for one of the others because I liked it better, but I am honored to be included.
Sweet Shot Day


Susan said...


Dont be so hard on yourself.

These are beautiful shots.

Your daughter is precious.

Hope you have a blessed day♥

Ocean Soul said...

There will always be 'if only'...but you know what...you work with what you have, and put your passion and gifting into it...it shows. Just keep on learning, practicing, and never give up and be oh so glad that you have beautiful photos of your daughter who is going to grow up so fast right before your eyes (even just in the past six months she has grown up so much!)...when she is all grown up, you will look back at these pictures and be so grateful that you captured her so beautifully at these moments in time when she was your little girl...with the sunshine streaming through her hair!

No Greater Love said...

I love your heart...it's the whole reason your blog first captured my attention. Your honesty...and your love for the Lord first.

Susan said...

We are all our own worst critics it seems. I have been struggling with my photos too. They never seem as sharp as I’d like… they don’t quite match the vision I had before pressing the shutter button, they are always full of vibrant dark colors when everyone else seems to create beautiful washed out ones…. I also think part of my problem at least is I don’t edit my photos much if at all. It’s something I need to start up again once I get a new computer.

Your pictures are always fun and creative. In fact, I love the softness of your first shot, and the great backlighting! Plus Sunflower is always so cute; it’s hard to go wrong with her in your viewfinder. :-) Have a great week, and keep on shooting.

Ashley Sisk said...

Great reminder for us all - God gave us a gift, but not another idol. Your photos show such spirit...you n eed not tear them apart.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

She's so precious.
Your photos capture everything they need to...love!

Jennifer said...

Girl, you are always right there where I am...is that crazy or what? I feel like we are on the same track striving and struggling together. I look at your photos and see your growth and marvel at your progress. The more we know, the harder we tend to be on ourselves and the harder it is to believe a compliment.
Know this....I think you are doing wonderfully by moving forward!!

Tracey N. said...

I think your shots are beautiful! Why do we have to be our own worst critics? Just take a deep breath and enjoy what you are doing. There is perfection in imperfection.