Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some Animals!

When we were out of town last weekend, we went to the zoo on Friday.  I was planning to use one of the photos to join in "I heart faces" pet challenge this week.  Alas, even with the extra day to enter, I wasn't ready.  That works out fine since they only let you enter one photo, and I took a whole lot more than one photo of animals last weekend.  This way I don't have to pick my favorite.  I also don't have to compare my photography to all the truly spectacular photographers that participate in the "I heart faces" challenges.  Enough said.  Here are some animals...
Bats--Not my favorite animal!
I loved the giraffe.  We don't have one at our local zoo.  I don't think it is possible to grasp the sheer height of this animal without another picture.
Giraffe and another animal
I cannot remember what the other animals were, but they were the size of large goats or deers.
Lorikeet and my son
My husband was also able to feed the birds, but his bird was molting so was kind of frightening looking.
Still a Lorikeet
Hummingbird (this was accidental, I was taking a picture of the flowers)
Some kind of Cat
Since I'm not linking to a photo meme, I don't know if anyone will actually look at these, but I wanted to edit them and doing a blog post is a good motivator for me.  I am very pleased at how much I have learned about editing photos since my first week in joining Shoot and Edit at Jill's and Ashley's blogs.  I might never develop an eye for what makes a photograph art rather than a memory--those kind of photos that draw you in with everything and make you want to hang them on the wall even when you don't know the subject.  I am okay if I never do--I just don't think of myself of an artist.  However, I sure am having fun learning and trying.  Thanks for being along for the ride.


Serline said...

I can't get enough of these, and little Narelle loves them too!

Physibeth said...

Love the Lorikeet photos. When I was in Australia I got awakened by one of these birds that nested outside my hosts apartment every morning.

Good job overall...I need to visit some zoos this summer with my new toy. Love to take pictures at zoos.