Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Zoo

On Saturday we took our friend, Captain Awesome (the friend who missed Thursday dinner), to the zoo to see some animals and for me to practice using my camera.
We all had a great time, though it was very, very cold.  I believe the technical term is below freezing (28 degrees).

Yes, the duck is standing on ice.  In fairness to the zoo, they are not in anyway restrained to staying here.  They could have flown south.  Though maybe they are from Canada, and they did fly south?
The polar bear thought it was perfect weather.  (I thought this came out pretty well through 3 panes of polar bear resistant glass.)
There was some snow and ice around.
The red wolves cuddled for some warmth.
We spent a lot of time with the walruses.
Because, well, it was indoors.
We needed a little break from the cold.
Though the arctic foxes were having fun
as were the otters.
He totally posed for me
as did my SnapDragon.

Then we spent a lot of time in the Aquarium; again for the warmth; but my camera fogged up because of the drastic temperature change, so I took a break from taking pictures until it cleared.

By then we were at the sea horses; my favorite exhibit in the zoo.  It was a great opportunity to practice indoor, no flash, through glass pictures.  However, I wasn't very successful; I had trouble focusing with my 55-200mm lens and didn't want to change it.  I'll definitely have to go back and practice some more.  Sea horses are pretty.
After taking 600 pictures at the zoo I definitely have a lot more wisdom on how to use my new camera and am happy to have it.  
We eventually left, running for the warmth of the car.

Ni Hao Yall
 (It was apparently picture day at the zoo because for the first few hours the only other people we saw had really, really nice cameras (sometimes 2 or 3) and no kids.  I felt a little guilty bringing my rowdy kids to spoil their shots, but I still had a blast.)


Peter and Abby said...

I'd say a very good photo day at the zoo!! I'm trying so badly not to covet people with new cameras. Thanks a lot for not helping! Ha!

Lynda said...

Great pictures! Even if they were on auto mode, there are so many artistic compositions! The shots you got of your kids are great. I love the shot of the wolves cuddling. I love the color and abstractness of the sea horse shot!