Friday, March 18, 2011

Fix It Friday #91

At the I Heart Faces Community everyone is given an image to edit.  By the time I get around to doing it many, many others have already posted beautiful edits.  However, in the spirit of learning, I try.

Here is the original (it is only to be used for this challenge and for no other personal reason!):
It is amazing what a smaller crop can do.  I am really impressed with the crop choices of the other participants.  However, I wanted to do something different--not because I think mine is better (I don't)--but just to see what her face looked like.  It means there isn't enough pixels left for printing, but it is still fine for web viewing.

My first edit--
I really wanted to see what could be done to add color back into her face since it was so washed out.  I did an adjustment level bringing up the mid-tones, up the black, and a little of the white.  It sharpened the colors overall, but did not fix her face.  I did a spot check under her eye to remove a shadow.  Then I added a soft pink color fill, overlay, 60% opacity.  I erased the color fill all around the girl and her eyes.  I think it helped define her a little.

However, she was still pretty washed out and all my other fiddles weren't fixing it.  So since I learned lens flare yesterday I thought I would add one to give me, the viewer, an explanation for the washed out face.

Second Edit:
It warmed the tones up; I think that is what I'm seeing.  But still not the awesome edits I was seeing already posted.  So I went back to before the sun flare and applied PW Vintage just for fun and went back to my real life chores.

Third Edit:
I love what it did to the background, but such a shame to lose all the details of a pretty little girl.  I did not sharpen the last one for the web because THAT would make it even grainier.

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