Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday--March 20th

I have been looking at the photos over at Ramblings and Photos and the other Scavenger Hunt Sunday links for a few months.  I feel a little out of my league to join in, but I love hunts.  I did this once before, but I didn't have time to take all the pictures that week.  This time I was determined to follow the rules.  It was challenging to come up with ideas and I didn't quite get exactly the shot I wanted, but it was a GREAT way to force myself to experiment and use my camera.  I also forced myself to use only manual mode and no flash--truly an accomplishment for me.  I really had a ton of fun.  So without further adieu...

Camera Phone
I do not have a camera phone.  I do not even have a cell phone.  However, we do have a lot of cameras, so I thought having my son use a camera as a phone would fit into the spirit of the hunt.  It was a little difficult because he wanted to have the camera be flat--he'd never seen an old-fashioned phone with actual curve to it.  I don't know what his friend is telling him, but it looks intense.

I wanted to include my new camera in the line-up, so I used a mirror.  It didn't come out quite as I envisioned it, but I had fun experimenting with angles and my manual settings.

I couldn't get any good pictures of shoes so I decided to just inundate you with shoes.  I had to use a PW Vintage to hide the dirt and scuff marks on our uninspiring shoe collection.

This baby rocking chair was given to me by my Grandma for my 1st birthday--30 some years ago.  I never got a really stand-out, unique shot of it, but I had fun trying.

I started out with the imperfection of a broken chain and ended up with the imperfections of a broken chain, dusty dresser, crooked angel, blown out details, and overused color retouch in a B/W.

Thanks for letting me join in and for more Scavenger Hunts check them out at Ramblings and Photos.



Kathleen said...

You did a FABULOUS job! I am still cracking up at your camera phone shot - how creative and so funny to see that intense conversation!! Love the shoes shot as well! So glad you linked up this week!

Ashley Sisk said...

These are wonderful - I love the first shot!

Smo said...

I love the creativity used for not having a cell phone, you rock!

Susan said...

Nicely done. I like your interpretation for camera phone!

julie said...

Great interpretations! Love your last one! :)

Elliemae Ink {Cherie} said...

Great job!
I really liked all of them!

Gretchen said...

LOL at the camera "phone!!" I think you did great... don't worry 'bout being "out of your league" with this challenge... just do what you did... have fun!! All great shots! =)

Phoenix Peacock said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love the Camera Phone shot - he does look intense!

Welcome to the hunt! I also feel out of my league, not having any experience in photography, but I feel like since growing and visiting photographer's pages that I am seeing a little improvement. So keep it up, even when its a struggle. Besides, isn't it so fun to see the end results!!

Lizzi said...

I love your scavenger hunt finds! That camera phone shot is priceless.