Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 31 good to WOW Edit Turn the Hose On

Well, I don't think a composite of my images would make much sense, but I am glad to know more about how to do one when I do need it.  I have trouble with the background ending up too dark when trying composites in the past.  So here are my edits individually.  You can mouseover to see the originals (I think.)

I thought I wrote down what I did, but I cannot exactly read my notes here.  I know I used Pure Pop (which is basically a deep levels adjustment) and High Pass Filter~overlay.  Then the diamond tint layer from MommyZiggys Diamond Action, but only on the lower half at 64%~mostly it took the orange out of his legs and brightened the water and grass.  I also left the slight contrast layer in that action on.  That might of been it or I might have done one more action~I cannot remember or read it.  I think that is it.  Overall I picked this photo because of the way the water is stopped mid-air as he is pouring it out.  I do think that is more noticeable now.  (I was also limited in which pictures I could pick from the day because of my husband's modesty clause in our "Agreement I can Have a Blog" contract.)

Much simpler edit.  Crop.  Pure Pop.  High Pass Filter~Overlay.  Resize and sharpen for web (which I always do).  I love all the drops caught in mid-air.  I could probably have some fun playing with the water again.  I'd definitely like to intentionally try to capture more bokeh.

Pure Pop (If you haven't yet downloaded Pure Photoshops Free Actions, do so while they are still free!)  Pure Summer Soft~only on Sunflower; masked off the rest of the photo.  Then I painted her blown out shoulder~slowly with multiple color samples taken from her other skin~on its own layer.  Ran Gaussian blur on the paint layer and set to darken.  Not perfect, but I find it less distracting than the blown white shoulder.  Then I ran MomaZiggy's Diamond Dazzle~no haze layer.  It brought out the sprinkles on this side of her head which I liked.  Then the CoffeeShop Blog's Vintage Honey Action with the vignette turned down to 25%.  Usually this action is a little heavy for me, but this time I really liked how it toned down Sunflower a little while leaving the greens and bringing the different colors in the light out.  Then resize and sharpen for the web.

So there it is.  I don't know how helpful it is to hear what I do for my edit since I used so many actions, so don't feel bad if you skipped the commentary.  You might miss out though, if you skip checking out the other "Turn on the Hose" edits over at Ashley's, so don't skip hopping on over~even if I cannot get the button to work.



Stasha said...

Love the snapdragon edit. My biggest fear with editing photos is that once you know how to do it right, no picture is ever bad enough to delete :) And since I am renown for having a hard time deleting as it is ( funny, I am a total minimalist and clutter police in real life) I fear I will have to buy external memory weekly...
But I love reading edits you, Ashley and Naptime Momtog post!

Ashley Sisk said...

These really look great - I have that action set and haven't played with pure pop so I'll have to go back and tinker with it. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww. So cute.

Anonymous said...

the mouseover is so much fun! you really enhance the photos beauty :)

Kimberly said...

Great edits! Love how your edits really make the water stand out.

Dorian Susan said...

Love all three of these Cedar...that last one is adorable.
Signing clause contracts to blog. Hmmmm. Sometimes I think it's good I'm not married. Seems so difficult at times.