Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun with Friends (or We Went Camping)

We do have lots of non-family friends, but I also think we are friends with our family~or at least that is my hope for my children.
At the end of July we went camping in the mountains with a good portion of my husband's family.   17 people~a good turn out, especially since we came from 4 different states to gather.
A beautiful location and lots of fun with friends family.  Pancakes every morning (well, I had oatmeal because I don't like pancakes.)
Playing card games~especially a game called Smores and one called Dixit.
One night we went to the lodge area to meet an astronomer and look at the stars through his telescope.  I tried to take pictures of the stars, but I wasn't too happy with my results because the lodge lights were distracting.
I got bored with trying different settings (especially in the dark) so I decided to write my name.  Once I realized the only thing I would do with my "name in lights" was put it on my blog, I wrote it again~this time my blog name.  (It is a composite picture.)
The next day, since Sunflower said, "No more pictures!"  I let everyone else go hiking while I took the shuttle around to take pictures.  I think she was worried about her no shower, blueberry covered face.
Then some more game playing.
We celebrated a birthday and an anniversary on our trip.
Of course, what is camping without roasting marshmallows and some smores?
Don't take that to mean I ate any roasted marshmallows.  I don't believe in eating sticky things when I have no access to a shower.  I did spend a lot of my time having fun with my two new friends~Mr. Tripod and Ms. Remote Trigger.
Getting everyone looking at the camera and in focus was almost as hard as getting the remote back from Sunflower when I let her have a turn.  I am getting better at remembering to hide the remote, too...maybe.

Then one last lecture conversation about the state of the economy...
One last stick...

And One last hike through nature...
I was too tired to set-up the tripod on our last day~though you will note Oak is carrying it around just in case I decide I want it.
Good-bye nature; Hello hot showers!

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alicia said...

Love that first line. That is also my hope, even being so far away. Looks like a great time camping- if that is even possible- lol. You captured it beautifully. Thanks so much for linking to our Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

What a fun time! LOVE your comment about the shower. :) Maybe that's why I've never liked roasted marshmallows!

NYC Single Mom said...

you make camping look like fun. Love the comment about the state of the economy. Economy and camping dont mix.

Stopping by from Project Alicia blog hop

Saun said...

Love your pics nice shots

Ashley Sisk said...

I love all of these photos - it looks like such a fun time. I love the first one.

Ana Eugenio said...

what a delightful trip you're taking us with. the photos are gorgeous and the memories they bring back from my youth are happy ones. love this post from top to bottom. thanks for sharing. have an amazing weekend dear :)

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

How fun! I love that sun flare, the marshmallow & do I see snow still on the ground????? What a lovely time!!!

DaenelT said...

My camping trips never looked that fun. Of course, I was in the Army and trying to avoid chiggers... LOL Great shots.

Teresa said...

What great family/friend fun! It looks like a beautiful place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and life in general. Love the creativity of writing your name. :-)

Kimberly said...

Looks like a great family outing! So many fun photos!

Teachinfourth said...

I love the quote by Muir...and as for camping?

Love it.

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

What fantastic shots! Looks like such a fun-filled, adventurous time. :)
Thanks for joining Alicia and me again in the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge. I hope you'll join us again on Friday when we move on to our new theme, blue skies. I'm sure you have tons of great shots for our next theme too! Have a great day.