Monday, January 30, 2012

Scavenger Hunt...Monday

It was a busy week and weekend.  Then because of the snow I have two photography classes this week instead of one and the homework is brutal.  Okay, maybe not brutal, but I am really struggling with it--Take a picture of something you haven't taken a picture of before and Black and White.

The black and white can be easy, but I always overthink it.  But something I've never taken before?

A.  Because of photo memes, particularly Scavenger Hunt Sunday, I have taken pictures of many, many different things.  Many I would not have tried without the challenge.  I LOVE that and it definitely stretches my photography (hence the homework).

B.  If I haven't tried to take a picture of it yet, it is because it does not interest me as a subject at all.

So I spent all week trying to take pictures of something different instead of focusing on the Scavenger Hunt this week, though I kept the prompts in the back of my head.

This morning I sat down to look at all my different photos, and really there is nothing I want to submit to class.  (By the way, my class is called Art of Photography.  We each submit a few photos and then talk about what could make it better and what did or didn't work.  Usually he can find something good, but he really detested my submission for rule of thirds -- my Four shot from last week -- so I am feeling particularly leery of sending a photo in.  I really enjoy the class and getting honest feed back will help me become better so I will submit something.)

Anyway, while I don't think any work for turns out they can work for Scavenger Hunt Sunday with only a little tweaking. 

This photo makes me smile.  Partly because this is what you get when you ask me to take a picture of something I haven't photographed before and partly because I like how it makes the number ten.  I purposely scooted over while lying on the floor to get it lined up just with intent...even if the intentions are a little lame.

Stand Alone:
I know the world represents many different religions, so I won't go into why this photo fits Stands Alone for me though it does in many, many ways that I love, but I know this is NOT what my teacher meant when he said "Black and White" since the focus of class is going to be on converting to black and white.

Rusty or Something Old:
This is the fence between my dad's house and his neighbors.  I remember when it was strong and red and tall, when the trees were on the other side.  I guess I might be old, too.  I don't shoot fences often, but I submitted a fence, snow shot last week, so it won't fit my homework.

Okay, this one is a stretch.  I did take some pictures of artificial flowers, but I just like kids better.  Do you note the artificial coloring?  (I'm pretty sure as long as I submit a photo that is not a person my teacher will accept it.)

Repeating Patterns:
I spent a lot of time taking pictures of the brick because I thought "oh, something I haven't taken before AND repeating patterns."  But you know what, I've taken a picture of almost every brick I see...they just aren't very good pictures.

So anyway...feel free to skip the words and just comment on the photos.  Feel free to give me actual criticism.  I have reached a plateau in my learning and need some aha moments.

Have a happy Monday! I'll be shooting some other things I haven't shot before...if I can think of any. Sunflower, when asked, said, "Me?" No. But you can be my Black and White subject!



Ashley Sisk said...

I really love the approach you took this week - your first shot is awesome. Love that perspective.

Linda said...

Ok - here goes. First shot - love the perspective...and I loved the intent (I have laid down on the ground, on the floor, wherever, just to get the perspective I wanted!).
2nd shot - stand alone - enough said. Beautiful!
3rd shot - something so appealing about a broken down fence - nice treatment of it. It would have been nice without the rope...
4th shot - what can I say - she is beautiful...and I loved the black and white, even if it won't work for your class!
5th shot - nice, interesting, love the different colors and feelings the different stones portray.

If I were grading your submission to Scavenger Sunday, I would give you an A+ - but then, I always love your photography!

Have a happy day and have fun in class!

Wendy said...

These are amazing pictures. I love your first picture. I didn't see the 10 until I read your words and then looked up and thought how could I miss that! Your stand alone is awesome...but I may be biased as I went in the same direction as you did! I love your fence picture and don't mind the rope around the fence.
Great set of pictures and btw...
I loved the creativity of your four picture from last week.

No Greater Love said...

Well, I love all of your pictures. I love the coloring of the fence one....and I can't explain why, but I just love the brick one...

Now I am going to go look at the one you submitted for your class. :)

And...that photography club I told you about...that is exactly what they do. You submit photos and then everyone critiques them. :)

Yet one more reason for you to move. I don't know when you're just going to cave already.

seabluelee said...

I do not know enough to seriously critique anyone else's work. But the shot of Sunflower is perfect for Artificial. Isn't that a faux leopard-print lining her hood?

Magnolia_Mom said...

These are all great! I think I like the smile entry the best. :)

Jessica Sweeney said...

Awesome photos. I love the concept for "Stand Alone" and the "Something Old" is a great shot! "Smile" is a neat perspective, too.

BF said...

Your first shot is simple, but a great "shot"... haha, sorry. I really like your repeat pattern shot as well!

Stasha said...

Well I for one love them all. Might not be a teacher of art, but I am a lover of it! That counts you know :)

Lea's Menagerie said...

I'm just now looking at last week's photos, and its almost time to submit for this week!
Great photos, every one of them!
Two favorites - the stone wall and the fence!
Lea's Menagerie