Friday, December 30, 2011

Week 51 good to WOW Happy New Year

I didn't have a chance to take a picture of it, but IF I was going to post a picture representing our new year it would be a photo of our I-800a approval...our year will be waiting for referral, then I-800 approval, then travel approval, then traveling to China to bring home our child...nothing else represents what we expect to be a HAPPY NEW YEAR for us as well as the latest step in this process.

I do have a collage of some of my edits from this year.  I only joined in March, but since I didn't always limit myself to one photo...this is not all my photos; I promise!
I'm hoping you can click it to make the collage bigger, but I'm having some problems with blogger photos.  Going through the photos I thought it would be more obvious on how far I've come, but I couldn't quite bear to add the really bad edits to the collage.  Just know I have learned a ton by having a challenge each week and a new editing tool to try out.  I cannot believe how much I did not know...and there is still more to learn.  It'll take a lifetime, and I expect to enjoy it immensely!

Thank you, Ashley and Jill, for doing this challenge.  I really loved it!



Ashley Sisk said...

It's been quite a year hasn't it - love the collage. Hope you have a great weekend!

Susan said...

Great collage! Congrats on your approval! Can't wait to meet your new addition! :-) Hope you don't keep us in the dark on that for too long. Have a wonderful weekend!

No Greater Love said...

Nope, I couldn't click on it to make it bigger. :) But I really like the picture of the sun, and the picture of the bubble.

I think you should have added your "bad" pictures, it would have made me feel better. :)

You already know how excited I am for you about your I-800A. :) I cannot wait to see your 2012 pictures....and not just because you are learning so much....but because your 4th child will be in them.

Emily said...

Beautiful collage full of beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!