Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 49 good to WOW Edit Bokeh Lights

So...I am a little bit busy, as are most people during this season, and I should be doing something else, but to not participate in Shoot and Edit this week when we only have a few more weeks left...that would make me sad.  Just looking at the thumbnails over at Ashley's I know there is some gorgeous bokeh light shots out there.  I cannot wait to look at them...though I will.

I have not had much time to experiment with bokeh myself, though we do have our tree up, but as is typical for a Thursday morning I had a half hour at our church while waiting for a meeting to start...kid free and camera in hand.  Only one tree to play with, but still fun.  Oh, and I had a can of coke with me.

1/200  f/1.8   ISO 200   50mm  (Most of the 30 min. I thought I had my 35mm, and was wondering why I couldn't get as close.)
Clean Edit:
Straighten a little, crop, remove pine needle, boost clarity and contrast.
Fun Edit:
A retro preset I got from Adobe Lightroom Share
So the coke in the white cans might not have a reputation for tasting very good (I found the first sip of the first can really did taste and feel different) but they sure are pretty...and still get me the caffeine I crave.  One tip, though, they balance a lot better on cotton batting when they still have something in them.

And I think there should always be an ornament self-portrait:

And then a left over from our Holiday photos a few weeks ago:
I told her I just wanted 5 more photos...and all 5 have her with her hand held up counting down.  She always makes us laugh.  The doctor takes her staples out tomorrow.



No Greater Love said...

Love them all, as usual. :)

I also did an ornament self-portrait about 3 weeks ago...but still haven't posted it. One of these days!!! Maybe!

Okay...gotta go too. Busy, busy, busy...I keep crashing at about 8pm, only to wake up again at midnight!!!!

Why do I end up writing you a book in your comments? Why?

Hope your weekend is wonderful...

DaenelT said...

Love them all. The retro one is very cool. Your daughter with her little hand and solemn expression ~ just too cute.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

oh, your little girl is sooo cute!

i love your shots, great bokeh!

thanks for sharing.

i love your blog!

Mira said...

The retro one is lovely, I think it would be wonderful with red coke can. Oh, she is adorable! So, you have 5-4-3-2-1 photo! Cool! :)

Bek said...

I'm still struggling with bokeh, but thankfully there is a lot of opportunity to practice with it now. I LOVE the b/w picture with our daughter. Just perfect!

Linda said...

Well, this was the 2nd time I saw the word "bokeh" - now I have to find out what it is! Love the shots...I am an amateur photographer also, so the info with the shots was especially helpful. Thanks for taking the time!

Stasha said...

Glad to hear staples are coming out! Love the photo of her holding up 5. Great fun edit!

Ashley Sisk said...

Such great edits - on the coke can...I love both your clean and fun edit. Great job!

Emily S said...

Wonderful shots, your little girl is so cute! The can shot would make a perfect POTD for me as I recently fell in love with Diet Coke again.... great job!

deb duty said...

I had no idea the white cans taste different! They sure are pretty though! Love your photo and the edit looks wonderful. Love the retro look!

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the bokeh shoot. the retro is my fav. children can really makes laugh, so cute and sweet. happy holidays dear.