Saturday, January 19, 2013

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections

I'm trying to get better at actually being in some pictures; it is important for my family.  It isn't exactly that I don't like myself in photos, but I don't like handing off my baby camera.  Thankfully at Christmas my cousin knew what to do with it.  My photo club has a self-portrait theme coming up soon, so that will stretch my a good way.

I Love You

Still Laughing
I really did assume that after tasting the orange one she would know better not to take a bite out of the green chalk.  Otherwise, I would have stopped her, really.

Winter Wonderland
 Our first snow this year led to a whole post of great winter photos.  This one is my favorite.

We celebrated 6 birthdays in our family this year, but since I turned 40 it seemed like the most important.  We had cake and cuddles and while sometimes I feel so very old, my life has never been sweeter.  I wouldn't go back in time for the world.

I have a lot of truly fantastic people in my life as friends some near, some far, but...I don't have very many pictures of them!  However, I did get the chance to take pictures of two of my friend's newborns this year, and though I doubt I'll start a business anytime soon, I loved doing it.  Apparently I'm only overwhelmed by newborns when they are mine.

I Was Inspired
 A new ND filter and polarizing filter for my birthday inspired me to try my hand at some slow shutter speed waterfall shots.  Now I just need an even wider angle lens and some more hikes.

Spring Fever

We haven't really traveled since we came home from China with our new daughter.  It was an amazing trip. 

Summer Days
 The beaches in our state aren't exactly what one envisions, but they can still provide hours of fun.

A Day in My Life
 I really wanted to come up with something better, but in reality this scene or some version of it is played out in our house almost every day for at least a little bit.  Sweet Pea would be on the floor dancing to the Wii music.

All Smiles

Autumn Harvest

We did make it to Oak's family camping trip this summer.  Sweet Pea did not sleep well which made the trip a little difficult, but it was worth it for the kids to see most of their aunts and uncles and cousins and for everyone to meet Sweet Pea.  I said, "If I thought this might be my new permanent home, I'd cry too!"  Though really she mostly only cried at night; she thought hiking and playing in the dirt a blast.

So much to celebrate this year, but Sweet Pea does top the list.  A year ago today we saw her picture for the first time and what a fabulous year it has been.  We are looking forward to many more years with this sweet little girl.

Let's Do it Again
I would go to China again in a heartbeat, over and over.  Someday we will all go back as a family, hopefully more than once.

I Miss You
We celebrated my Grandma's 93rd birthday just before she passed.  It makes me very, very sad that she didn't get to meet Sweet Pea and I miss her very much.


Dress Up
She loves dressing up in her outfits we brought her home from China.  This particular day we forgot to have her change back into her play clothes before going to the park.


My Favorite
One of my favorite shots of these two together.  SnapDragon feels it is his special duty to make Sweet Pea feel loved and goes out of his way to see that she does.  All the kids love their baby sister, but there is something unique in this relationship.  I look forward to see how it continues to grow.

Don't Ever Change
This girl approaches life with so much energy and enthusiasm.  I hope she is always this intense about life even if it does exhaust me.

Just Because
Huckleberry has been sadly neglected in this post, but he is a very important person in our home.  He is thriving in 7th grade and constantly astounds me with his kindness, wisdom, and sense of humor.  He is fantastic with his sisters and a great help around the house.  Our home would not be the same without him.

Hopes and Dreams
These two are still searching to find the right balance in their relationship.  Sunflower loves Sweet Pea intensely but sometimes a little too closely.  I hope, and know, that eventually they will learn to love being together and not just peaceably but separately share their family.  (It is actually good progress that Sweet Pea (the younger one) will just get down from my lap when Sunflower climbs on instead of pushing her sister off.)


Andrea Dawn said...

Love your recap of the year. You had me laughing and crying. Your photo of Huckleberry and what you say about him is just so precious. You have such a lovely family.

Seeing Each Day said...

My goodness - there's too many to choose from here - what a year. But if pushed I'd have to pick the 'all smiles' of your eldest daughter photo - that really is glorious. Renee

No Greater Love said...

OH MY GOODNESS, NORA!!!!!! I looooove the picture of your grandmother...and I'll let you in on a secret, I love pictures of Oak....I don't know why, but when Oak is with the kids, it just melts my heart. His expression is always so loving, and so solemn all at the same time. He makes such for such a great subject. And OH MY GOODNESS, I can pick out Oak's sister in a heartbeat...they look SO ALIKE.