Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sweet Pea

At Sunflower's preschool there is a giant, child-height mirror that Sweet Pea loves to look at herself in.  So at home, in the hour before we went back to pick up Sunflower, I thought it would be a good morning to play with our own mirror.
 Oh, what is this?
The shots were different than what I was planning in my head, but Sweet Pea looks adorable no matter what I do.
This is where I discovered if I hop up and down, Sweet Pea will start laughing.  It is hard to get the timing just right...hop, hop, hop...stand still and snap the photo while she is still sometimes focus ends up not being just quite right, but I love her little teeth.
I love her expression in this one, but I did decided I had to change to a wider lens.
The drool is because she decided it was snack time, not photo time.  Get me some food and I'll play some more, Mama.
Don't you dare touch my food.  I promise I was only trying to put it on the table so she wouldn't carry it around and spill it.
For 15 minutes she carried it quite carefully, never spilling it.  But she would not settle on a spot.
Until it spilled, but that didn't phase her.  One in the bowl, one in the mouth, one in the bowl...
We'll just pick them up, Mama, and then you can hop some more.
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Linda said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Those photos are priceless!

Andrea Dawn said...

Love this series of your precious Sweet Pea. Just adorable.

No Greater Love said...

Oh my word....those mirror pictures....Nora, they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

ISO Consultants Oman said...

So cute and lovely baby I love all the photos here.....

thefisherlady said...

These are absolutely precious! you have captured perfect moments!

Anonymous said...

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